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The Power to be You Again

You don't know how important hormones are until you don't have them. Discover the power of small pellet implants to give you your life back.

Oct 3rd, 2022
Retrain Your Brain - Find out how tonight

IASIS is better even than neurofeedback. If you have anxiety, depression, a history of concussion, difficulty concentrating, addiction, want better performance, or have any other brain dysfunction, IASIS could change your life.

Aug 24th, 2022
It's the Terrain

Two centuries ago, two different theories of disease causation emerged. One of them has important lessons to teach us about the current pandemic and protecting ourselves from all infectious diseases.

Sep 2nd, 2020
Major Autohemotherapy and Coronavirus

Everyone is in a mad dash to find effective treatments for COVID-19, it seems. Maybe it's not as hard to find as people think. Maybe it doesn't even come from a pharmacy.

Aug 27th, 2020
Could It Be Your Thyroid?

Thyroid deficiency is a silent epidemic in America. Too many of us have enough thyroid hormones to remain alive, but not enough to live. Others make enough but cannot respond to them adequately. Could you be one of them?

Aug 23rd, 2020
Don't Take Hormones Until You Read This

Misunderstanding about hormones increases rates of disease and death. When a woman runs out of her own hormones, studies show that the safest and most effective approach is to replace them with subcutaneous bioidentical hormone pellet implants.

Apr 19th, 2020
Intimacy Doesn't Have To Be A Chore

For too many women, hormone deficiencies creep up on them, masquerading as other problems. Intimacy is one of the first casualties, and problems can start much earlier than menopause. There is hope!

Apr 8th, 2020
The Cure for Postpartum Depression?

There is a new drug for postpartum depression. However, there's usually more than one way to approach a problem. In this video, Dr. Ray Andrew discusses the new drug and a much older and less expensive approach.

Mar 26th, 2019
What's the Best Diet?

My assistant and I recently returned from my third seminar—Tools & Pearls—with the legendary Dr. Frank Shallenberger, along with 130 of our closest friends from Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Sierra Leone, and throughout the U.S.

Mar 5th, 2019
Ready To Boost Your Athletic Performance To A New Level?*

Athletes are increasingly taking advantage of IV nutrition therapy to help them maximize their aerobic efficiency during training and before events, as well as to enhance recovery after events. We are pleased to provide this much-needed service.

Feb 24th, 2019
Preventing Atrial Fibrillation With Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is associated with numerous ill health effects that we commonly chock up to aging. Atrial fibrillation, a common cause of stroke, is one such disease. Make sure your testosterone is optimal to prevent atrial fibrillation.

Feb 8th, 2019
1 in 3 - Do You Suffer From Low Testosterone?

More than 1 in 3 men over 45 are deficient in testosterone. Beyond fatigue, lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, muscle loss, and grumpiness, testosterone deficiency is associated with numerous diseases and shortened lifespan. Get your life back.

Feb 3rd, 2019
What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Progesterone

Ignorance about the roles of progesterone and its therapeutic use is widespread. Medical schools teach more about the the synthetic drug Provera than they do about the real deal, progesterone. Enjoy this short primer on the roles of progesterone.

Jan 27th, 2019