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Chronic pain isn’t only frustrating, but it can be overwhelming. It can lead you to limit your daily activities, discontinue treasured sports or hobbies, and even to pursue disability status, in spite of having great contributions yet to make and years of potentially productive life ahead.  Pain can strain your relationships and lead to depression, anxiety, and dependence.

The Problem with Traditional Approaches to Pain

If you have seen your doctor about your pain, you were likely prescribed medications, sent to physical therapy, referred for counseling, or even told that your only option is surgery. Much of the emphasis of current pain management approaches is on acceptance of the pain as a permanent fixture in your life, with the goal of treatment being to improve function through mitigation efforts.

There are a number of problems with this approach.  First, it is depressing to have to accept that pain will be your companion until you die. 

Second, all drugs have side effects.  For example, acetaminophen damages the liver.  NSAIDs like ibuprofen, Naprosyn, and their prescription counterparts damage the gut lining and the kidneys, while also impairing healing.  Opioids reduce pain immediately and for a period of hours but lead to tolerance (needing ever higher doses), dependence, and addiction.  Chronic opioid use also reduces testosterone production, leading to a host of other long-term consequences.

Surgery can be a game-changer.  At the same time, it is not without risks.  Surgery and anesthesia are by definition high-risk procedures.  And anything done with a knife cannot be undone if it doesn't turn out as intended.  Studies show, for example, that the majority of people who have undergone back surgery wish they hadn't.  Most continue to suffer from chronic pain, often worse than before the surgery.  Joint replacement is major surgery, doesn't always eliminate the pain, and typically wears out within 10 years.  Even when it is successful, joint replacement fails to address the underlying causes of the pain.  Those causes, in the case of arthritis, will continue to affect other joints, as well as other aspects of your health.

Enter Regenerative Medicine

If you have found the above-discussed options ineffective or undesirable, you are not alone.  Sadly, these approaches are actually decades behind the science.  Increasingly, people are seeking alternatives that are newer, more scientifically sound, less toxic, less risky, and that address the underlying causes of pain rather than merely dulling the pain for hours at a time or removing body parts.

As a result, cutting-edge clinics offer treatments such as Prolozone, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), exosomes, tissue allografts, alpha-2 macroglobulin, or shockwave therapy (LIESWT).

An Alternative to the Alternative

Unfortunately, this single-modality approach often creates short-term relief at the expense of long-term healing.  Consider what happens when a patient with heart disease undergoes stent placement or bypass surgery:  It's often only a matter of years before the stent or bypass becomes infiltrated with plaque.  The same thing happens when a person undergoes stem cell injections hoping to postpone or avoid the need for surgery.  If you haven't fixed the factors driving the inflammation, it's just a matter of time before the pain is back.

For this reason, when you choose to work with Prestige Wellness Institute, you are able to take advantage of a unique, comprehensive approach to joint rehabilitation and tissue regeneration that is not found in other offices.  You can of course choose to undergo treatment with any of our single-modality treatments.  But you will be better served by combining regenerative treatments with functional medicine to improve metabolism, reduce inflammation, eliminate hidden infections, and stimulate growth of new blood vessels and new, healthy tissue.

In other words, you don't have to settle for short-term pain relief.  You can create long-term healing while transforming your overall health.  In fact, you can enjoy better health than you've experienced in years, even decades.  Call us to see if you qualify for our program.