Bounce Back From COVID Complications

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If you are still suffering the effects of COVID-19 or experienced complications from one of the Coronavirus vaccines, you are not alone.  Whereas most people recover uneventfully from the infection, and most people take the shot without any problem, a sizeable minority deal with complications weeks, months, and even more than a year later.

A Serious Problem

You may be unable to work.  You may have been forced to drop out of school.  You may have symptoms for which no explanation can be found.  Whether its brain fog, fatigue, itching, loss of taste or smell, difficulty breathing, confusion, chronic cough, blood clots, or any number of other problems, the spike protein that spreads either by natural infection or by injection into your body can wreak havoc on your health and put a serious damper on your ability to function and quality of life.

What You Are Going Through Is Real

You may have seen several doctors in search of solutions.  Some may be as frustrated as you are when the usual drugs fail to yield the desired results.  Others may be dismissive simply because what you are experiencing isn't in the textbooks they studied in medical school.  You may be frustrated yourself that there is so much conflicting information on the internet.  Official sources insist that your problem does not exist or that there is no treatment.  Other websites tout magical solutions for only $19.95.

You Can Get Better

At Prestige Wellness Institute, your symptoms are taken seriously.  What you are suffering is real, and it wasn't just the result of bad luck.  You can discover exactly the factors that made you more susceptible either to Long-COVID or to vaccine injury.  Through questionnaires, a biofeedback session, proper lab tests, and questions no other doctor has asked you before, you can learn why you are suffering and what you need to do to get your health back.

How Long Will It Take?

Each person is different.  There is no cookbook with a simple reciple everyone can follow to get better.  Just as your case is unique to you, so will your treatment be.  Importantly, you will have helping hands all along the way and can anticipate steadily get better and better.  Some people are able to return to full function within a month, whereas others take several months.  In the end, you can enjoy better health than you had before you got sick.  Why settle for anything less?