The Medical Minute - Communicate With Your Functional Medicine-Trained Doctor

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There is so much MISinformation and DISinformation in the health sphere today.  Expert committees, advocacy groups, medical organizations, government agencies, friends, bloggers, and a dizzying array of websites provide convincing but conflicting health advice. 


While most of it is well-intentioned, a lot of this information lacks any scientific backing.  Many of the beliefs and practices of traditionally-trained medical doctors are based on tradition, not current evidence.  While those without formal medical training can become very well-informed, they can also mislead others due to misunderstanding of some basic concepts.


In order to make the best decisions for your health, you need the most reliable information.  Partner with your functional medicine-trained doctor to help you sift through all the popular but inaccurate advice as you pursue your health journey.


Ray Andrew, MD

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